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Our nursery care in Bridgwater, allows your child to develop, explore and thrive in a nurturing environment. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is there to encourage your child to learn through play. Give them the best possible start with our fantastic facilities and equipment. 

Mutual Care & Respect

Day Care Bridgwater

Day care should be more than just care, it should help your child to socialise, to learn mutual respect, and to make them feel safe and secure. You can rely on us to give your child the best possible start.


The Olive Tree Nursery Rooms

Within Our Nursery Respect Is Key

Poppies - 2 years 9 - 4 years

Here in our Poppies room we take children from around 2 years and 9 months and they remain with us until they enter their last year before going to school.

Although this is not a fixed age and we take each child’s individual developmental needs into consideration before making the decision to place them with us. Therefore some children may join the room at a slightly younger age and some children may need some extra time in our younger room before joining us when they are a little older.

We have a maximum of 20 children at any one time and due to the ages of the children in this room we operate on a mixed ratio basis.

Our ratios are: 1 adult to every four 2 year olds

                          1 adult to every eight 3 year olds.

We are open all year round but do offer limited Term Time Only spaces in this room.


We provide a safe, happy, caring and nurturing environment where children can grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Every child has their own Keyworker who aims to form that special bond with them to help them feel safe and secure whilst they are with us and also their own named peg for their coat and bag to give them a sense of belonging within the room.

We have a lovely open plan room in which we offer a range of play experiences to help develop their interests and support their ever growing curiosity and the room is set out in a way which allows the children freedom of choice in what they do.

We believe in developing learning through play but use the  Early Years Foundation Stage to plan activities designed to develop physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. We have a cosy book area for children to enjoy some quiet time, a role play area where children can enjoy developing their imagination and recreating experiences, a large mark making area for developing gross and fine motor skills and pencil control and of course plenty of space for messy play.

We also know that little minds can become tired and need some time to rest and so we have provision to turn our reading are into an area to sleep if needed. Our room has easy access to our large outdoor space which is used throughout the year and in all weather conditions. We believe that the outdoors can provide great learning opportunities and have a supply of wellies and all in one suits on site so that every child can be involved in outdoor learning opportunities.


When a child joins us in the Poppies room we know that this can be a time in their life where they are becoming increasingly more independent and so we have a large bathroom situated just off of that the side the room which is designed and equipped to help with toilet training, and encourage independent toileting with child sized toilets and easy to operate taps which help to promote independence with self care. We aim to support each child with their growing independence and encourage each of them to undertake tasks such as getting and putting on their own coats and shoes, washing their own hands, choosing what they would like to eat and pouring their own drinks at snack time and helping to complete small jobs and tasks. We do however understand that as well as increasing independence children do also need some quieter one to one time and we try to ensure that time is spent with each child individually to give them the support, comfort and reassurance that they may need.


In our Poppies room we understand that this is an age where children’s language is developing rapidly and we strive to be positive role models for them with our use of language and the way in which we communicate with them and each other.

We believe that modelling positive interactions and communication helps to enhance children’s own vocabulary, speech and listening skills. We are also keen users of STC (Somerset Total Communication) and use this with all of our children as a way of encouraging all children and staff to be able to communicate effectively with each other and express their needs appropriately.


We know that children feel more secure when they have a consistent routine and so we ensure that both our morning and afternoon sessions follow the same structure.


Our routine is predominantly free play based with a “cafe” style snack time operating in the background.

At the end of each session we come together for a large group activity and whether this is story time, singing, music and movement, games or exploring instruments this is a time we use encourage skills needed ready for their transition into our pre-school room, such as listening, sitting appropriately, turn taking and sharing and co operating with others.


We strive to tailor our room to meet every child’s needs to the best of our ability as we believe that every child deserves the best opportunities that we are able to give them

Sunflowers 3+ years

Sunflowers is our pre-school room which provides a high-quality education for children 3 – 5-year olds who are preparing to go to school. We are a large, open plan room providing plenty of learning opportunities for all our children. Our room can hold a maximum of 32 children at any one time and the adult to child ratio is 1:8. We are open from 8am to 6pm all year round. Additional breakfast, lunch and tea time sessions can be added to morning or all-day sessions.

Learning and development

Independence is an important part of the children’s development, so we like to encourage them to do things for themselves, even if we all have our own techniques of doing things. We encourage the children to manage their own learning by leading their own play. We support the children to be understanding of others and role model behaviour that is expected of them. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) covering all areas within this including; communication and language, physical development, personal social and emotion development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. The children have the choice of what they would like to play with as well as the room having set up planned adult and child lead activities, we adapt this planning to what the children prefer to play with to ensure we have the most stimulating play experience for all children. We always have a range of activities set up for the children when they first arrive such as construction, maths and messy play. There are also books available at all times for the children too. In the Sunflowers room we have a role play corner containing babies, a kitchen, and many more learning play experiences where they can explore their imagination and role play independently and with their friends. All the toys in Sunflowers are accessible for the children so they can have the opportunity to make free choices at any time!

We monitor the children’s development through a secure childcare website and app called ‘Tapestry’. Here, we log observations and upload photos/videos of the children onto their own personal profile. This can be shared with parents if they would like to see their child’s development and what they get up to during nursery.

Free Flow

We are a free-flow room which means the children have the choice where they would like to play. We keep our double doors open for them to come in an out as they please. There will always be a member of staff both in and outside to maintain provision at all times. Free flow benefits children in lots of different ways such as making decisions. It gives the children a sense of individuality as they are able to make their own choices where they would like to play rather than being told. It contributes to their physical well-being, as being outside enables the children to have the opportunity to run and be free, and not confined to one area. It is also good for the children who generally prefer to play outdoors. The staff here at The Olive Tree nursery can take indoor activities outside as there are so many fun activities to do both in an out. Having free flow play also opens the children's eyes to the difference of inside and outside, such as learning to put on and off their coats when they are in the different environments and teaching them when they are tired or too cold/hot to be playing. Free flow play opens up many learning opportunities for children which is why we think it is great!


Key Person

Every child will be given a key person when joining sunflowers. The sunflowers team are dedicated, highly trained, experienced practitioners who thrive on ensuring the children in this room are developing at the best they can and at the rate that is best suited for each individual child. Key persons are important and vital in childrens development. The statutory framework for the EYFS states that;


“The key person must help ensure that every child’s learning and care is

tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person must seek to engage and

support parents and/or carers in guiding their child’s development at home. They

should also help families engage with more specialist support if appropriate”

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is our Pre-school Room that is Term Time Only for children in their last year before they go to school. The Room caters for 14 children on a 1:8 ratio. Our Room is open from 9-4 with morning and afternoon available, additional lunch time sessions can be added to morning or all-day sessions. The Room is over seen by our qualified Early Years Teacher who works closely with her team to bring knowledge and experience to help children to be school ready. This room is a smaller room than our all year around pre-school room which cane enable the children to have build strong bonds with staff and their peers, a flexible learning environment, a quieter space and could enable the less confident child the peers to become a more confident learner ready for school.


Every child has their own key person and are part of The Rose Garden key person family, meaning that if their key person is not in, the children are looked after by a member of staff that knows them. A key family is responsible for settling the children into nursery and for making observations on the children. We like to encourage a good relationship with our families whilst remaining professional. During our settling in visits we gather information on the children that is kept confidential and is used to get to know the children and build relationships. When parents drop their children off to The Rose Garden, we want them to feel comfortable and happy that they are leaving their child in our care, so these relationships are very important to us. The Olive Tree Nursery promote equality and inclusion throughout the nursery for all children and families that use the setting, this enables the children to develop as individuals and feel respected.


The Rose Garden is an Elliott hut on the premises of The Olive Tree Nursery. We have our own small kitchen for cooking activities, own toilet facilities and outside decking. Security is very important to The Olive Tree Nursery and The Rose Garden has its own entrance gate to protect your little ones. We follow a structured routine that is the same across the nursery to enable stress free transitions across the rooms. We have an open plan room that has separate little areas where children can play and explore their interests. These areas include


        •a home corner where the children can explore roleplay developing their imagination based upon real life experiences,

        •a book corner where they can look through a range of books or be read to by a member of staff,

        •a construction area with play equipment to build and balance,          

        •a mathematics area to explore number and shape,

        •a messy area to explore texture, our senses, colours and combine materials.


In The Rose Garden we like to ensure that there is a balance between adult led activities and child initiated activities. These are enhanced by continuous provision based upon the interests of the child and topics that are set termly (although these may change, parents are informed in our newsletter).  Staff work closely with children and parents to keep up to date with the interests of individual children.  Within the room we work towards assessments linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework using the online learning journal Tapestry which parents have access to and can upload their own observations of their child outside of nursery.  These Observations can be spontaneous, planned through nest steps on the EYFS, In the Moment planning and anecdotal observations from home.

We provide a wide range of resources and activities inside and outside of nursery. We believe that children develop and gain confidence through play, so we always aim to keep nursery life fun. We have direct access to a garden and decking area and can also use the Larger Garden connected to the main nursery.

Tulips - 2 years - 3.5 years

Our Tulip room is the perfect nurturing environment for your little ones to begin their journey of independence in a safe place to toddle, play and explore. We recognise that some of our children have only just found their feet, so we happily promote each individuals independence to a level that they are comfortable with, whilst offering support to those in need. We provide a sense of belonging to each child by each individual child having their very own named peg picture where they can place all of their belongings on for the day as they come into nursery. We also encourage parental interaction with our self- registration board, where the children love getting involved and sharing this activity together before waving goodbye to start their day of fun.


We understand that their language is developing rapidly at this age so we thrive on child led conversations which are then enhanced by our staff to allow the best opportunity for their learning. Curiosity is on the top of their to do lists so we pride ourselves in allowing them to explore using all of their senses during various different activities provided day to day. Although we are frequently teaching the children new and exciting things, we believe that they are most happy when they feel comfortable and are not over stimulated- so alongside this we allow familiarity in their environment which is just as important to them. We do this by having a set routine every day that the children follow but only at their own pace.

The Tulip Routine:

The children have free play during the morning and afternoon, where they can express their own interests and investigate all the toys in the room, alongside set activities out on the table for them to explore if they wish. Our activities are presented and led out in a fun and engaging way with purpose of catching the children’s attention as they arrive. These are each linked to a section of the Early Years Foundation Stage on our live learning journal (Tapestry).


You can access photos and observations on this confidential programme, which have been taken by each childs keyworker, so you can see what your little one has been up to each day and even add some of your own at home for us to see! We invite you as parents/ carers to come along and be a part of your child’s journey here at The Olive Tree as we believe it is extremely important to feel involved in their ongoing development  

During each session (morning and afternoon), the children will come together in the quiet area and share a large group time with their friends, with lots of singing and stories before they re-join with their keyworker in their key groups and have a little rest with some yummy fruit and milk/ water to recharge their energy ready to set back off on their learning adventure and exploring.


The Tulip room can take 12 children within each session.

Two-year-old staff to child ratio is; 1-4.

Under two-year-old staff to child ration is; 1-3

We are open all year round but do offer limited Term Time Only spaces in this room.


As we focus our attention on ensuring the best for each individual child, we will often have some under two’s join us if they are ready and confident to transition a littler earlier from our Daffodil room. So, you can rest assure that we strictly follow the appropriate guidelines given by the current legislation for the safety of each child and staff member.


Just outside of Tulips, we are lucky enough to have a large garden area specifically designed for our 0-2children. We aim to have free flow as much as possible when the weather is appropriate and allows us to do so; this is where the children can access the garden space as and when they wish, without restricting their access to inside as we are aware that not every child share the same interests. We have lots of exciting equipment outside such as bikes, climbing frames, slides and even a messy mud kitchen which really is an all-time favourite!

Daffodils: Birth - 2.5 years

The Daffodil Room caters for babies aged from 3 months to 2 years and is the perfect, cosy and nurturing environment for the youngest children to start their nursery journey with us. The room is equipped with everything needed to ensure that each child’s holistic needs are accommodated, including a self-contained kitchen with an array of specialist equipment (steriliser, food prep machine and bottle making facilities), and a designated, partitioned sleep area to ensure your little one gets all of the uninterrupted rest they need. Alongside this there is a home corner for imaginative role play; an activity tray where children have the opportunity to explore a variety of messy and sensory play such as sand, water and heuristic objects; and a large carpet area where children can enjoy construction play and select toys of their own choosing from the easily accessible storage unit. All of our furniture and equipment is the perfect height to aide cruising and those all important first steps!

The room has an adult to child ratio of 1:3 and can take up to 9 children at one time. This enables practitioners to give each child the time and attention they require, allowing the children to form strong bonds and to feel safe and content in the nursery environment.

Please note that the Daffodil Room is open all year round and is unable to offer term-time only spaces.

The Daffodil Routine:

The Daffodil Room routine is extremely flexible and allows us to cater to individual personal care schedules such as feeding and sleeping, however we do try as much as possible to follow a similar routine to the other nursery rooms so that the children are familiarised with this when they are ready to move on to bigger rooms!


8.00-8.30 Breakfast

8.30-9.30 Free Play

9.30-10.00 Adult led activity

10.00-10.15 Group time (song/ story)

10.15-10.30 Snack and personal care

10.30-12.00 Free play/ outdoor play/ walk etc.

12.00-1.00 Lunch



1.00-2.00 Free play

2.00-2.30 Adult led activity

2.30-2.45 Group time (song/ story)

2.45-3.00 Snack and personal care

3.00-4.30 Free play/ outdoor play/ walk etc.

4.30-6.00 Tea

Learning and Development

When your child starts at The Olive Tree Nursery, they will be assigned a key person. This person will be responsible for your child’s learning and development journal and will plan and deliver age and stage appropriate activities to further your child’s learning.  The journal is situated on an online system called ‘Tapestry’ and consists of a combination of photos, videos and written observations, all linked to learning goals of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum that will accompany them all the way up until the end of their year in reception class. As a parent you will have an individual Tapestry account that allows you to have instant access to your child’s profile as well as notifications when new observations are added. We also actively encourage parents to add their own entries from home.

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Nursery Care Bridgwater

For our Sunflowers, we also offer the snug and child friendly toilets. The snug is our sensory room which is attached to sunflowers and also included in our floor space. In here are a range of sensory objects and lights to help the children with settling down or if they require sensory stimulation. There is a large tablet for the children to use to encourage their development in technology which is stated in the EYFS.

The child friendly toilets are designed for them to be able to use them with ease and they are clearly sign posted with a picture of a toilet and the text underneath. All children are aware of the location of the toilet as they are often in there washing their hands from messy play or ready for meal times. If you child is potty training, we will fully support you the parent and the child to master the art of using the toilet. We also will always have a potty available for children who may require this and a nappy changing area in the next room, poppies.

Rolling Snack – Café

Sunflowers Room

In sunflowers we do ‘rolling snack’ which means we don’t have a set time to sit down for snack. We roll snack from 9.30am to 10.45am and between this time the children can chose if they want their snack and at what time. We try and encourage the children to make their own choices although, we do ask and remind all the children just incase they are having too much fun playing. Our rolling snack is set up like a café, the children pay (pretend) £1 and can chose milk or water and then a range of healthy food such as fruit or salad vegetables. On occasion we may have some birthday cake or biscuits!

Cute Girl Eating Apple